Dr. Jim Turrell is a graduate of Cal-State University at Los Angeles and was a professional musician who toured with the Mariachi Brass in 1967 and the Roger Wagner Choral in 1968. For fifteen years Dr. Jim taught music and American Studies in inner-city Los Angeles, Burbank, San Clemente and San Juan Capistrano. In 1984, Dr. Jim became a minister and currently serves a congregation in Southern California. More information is available at: OCSpiritualCenter.com

In the early 1990s he developed a method of speaking without notes based on the same principles that Jazz musicians use when improvising. In Jazz almost all songs have a very specific form, melody, and chord progression that serves as a template that makes it virtually impossible to lose your place and yet you have complete freedom to improvise within the structure of the music. Dr. Jim applied this method to public speaking and in 1998 published a book on his method called, Instant Public Speaking from the Heart.

Dr. Jim is the author of five other books that include: Socrates’ Secret, The Gospel of Cause and Effect, The Sacred Language of Dimensional Prayer, When It’s Time to Leave (his book on death and transformation), How To Complete a Relationship and The Way I Am, the Story of the Metaphysical Jesus. Linked titles are available on Amazon!

Dr. Jim also trains people to write books. To find out more about becoming a writer, go to CSLWritersWorkshop.com.