New Public Speaking Classes on How to Give a Ted Talk Without Notes

Next Class on Tuesday, March 24


Hi, I’m Dr. Jim Turrell…

I wrote the book on Public Speaking from the Heart 21 years ago, and since then, I’ve taught hundreds of business people, ministers and others how to:

  1. Speak without notes in a Ted Talk style
  2. Engage your audience by speaking from your topic, not about your topic
  3. Emotionally connect with your audience by sharing stories that will personalize your message

My students have included Dr. Peggy Price, Dr. Kenn Gordon, Dr. Michelle Medrano and many others who have used my own unique method that gives you the confidence to comfortably speak without notes while engaging your audience.

And now you can learn to do the same thing with two new classes I’m offering.

With My Approach…

You will learn how to compose your talks using a special Template I developed two decades ago and still use today every time I speak.

The Template works because you do not memorize your talk — you memorize the Template and use it to compose your talk. This can cut preparation time dramatically. My Template is comprised of four sections.

  1. Three questions every topic must answer.
  2. Three areas of your life you must review to engage your Voice of Authenticity.
  3. The purpose of your talk, which must identify the action your message asks your listener to take — and the result they would achieve if they did so.
  4. Interactive elements that identify emotional outliers laying hidden from view, yet can make the difference between authentically coming from your subject versus talking about your subject.

Now, I’m offering you an opportunity to learn these game-changing techniques with two new live online classes you can take using our great learning platform on Zoom.

Two New Classes…


Introduction to Composing Your Talk and Delivering It Without Notes

This class is a required prerequisite to taking my six-week Master Class and includes:

  1. A review on my approach
  2. An explanation of the Template
  3. A look at how the other chapters of my book help you emotionally connect with your audience

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The cost of this 2-hour online class is $29 plus you must purchase (or have purchased) your copy of the newest edition of Instant Public Speaking from the Heart, available on Amazon (we’ll give you the link). You’ll need it for the class.



A Six-Week Master Class to Compose and Deliver a Ted Talk

Classes 1 & 2: Use the Template to compose your talk and focus your message

Classes 3 & 4: Create and organize stories that deliver your message and engage your Voice of Authenticity

Classes 5 & 6: Practice delivering parts of your message and ripen your ability to use the Template to reinforce your confidence and use all four parts to deliver — on your feet — a Ted Talk Narrative.

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The full cost of this six-week online class is $297 and includes the complete, downloadable Class Workbook.


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